Hyundai is a relatively new carmaker but that doesn’t really mean anything once you see their cars and the high standards that the company strives for and achieves. Hyundai was started decades after most of the world’s other leading car manufacturers began. It was 1947 in Seoul, South Korea that the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company was founded but the car division, the Hyundai Motor Company didn’t officially begin until 1967, which was at least 50 years after many of the big name automotive builders opened their plants.

And speaking of plants, Hyundai has many plants and assembly facilities throughout the world, but they have the largest manufacturing plant in the world at Ulsan, South Korea, which makes over 1.6 million cars annually just at that plant alone. If you do the math you are going to be very surprised because that 1.6 million cars per year means that that plant builds almost 4,500 cars – each day for 365 days a year! Wow! That’s a lot of cars and that plant must be huge, at least bigger than many of us can imagine.

The Hyundai Elantra is one of the most popular cars in America. Oh, and wait…the Hyundai Sonata is also one of the most popular cars in America. These two Hyundais were on Car and Driver Magazine’s top ten best selling cars list recently. Two out of ten is not bad, considering Hyundai has only been making cars for 50 years.

The Hyundai Elantra is an exciting car to look at with its sleek lines, aerodynamic curves and well-appointed interior. Surely that’s what piques interest in potential Elantra buyers but when you look a little closer you can see clearly what the real draw is, or real draws, that is. The car sips fuel as oppose to guzzling it. It gets 38 miles per gallon and has 18-inch wheels and a 201-hp turbo four-cylinder engine under that beautiful hood.

The Sonata has some very nice things going for it such as a 245-hp turbo four-cylinder engine that is quick and will get you on to that highway or out of a sticky situation in a blink of an eye. There are other engine and transmission choices, just so you know. You can get a 178-hp, 1.6-liter Eco model with a seven-speed automatic transmission, or a 185-hp, 2.4-liter engine with a six-speed auto trans.

Let’s face it…al the Hyundai cars are superb and you should see them for yourself at Len Stoler Hyundai in Owing Mills, and if you can’t come down in person visit us virtually on their website: http://www.lenstolerhyundai.com/

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