The electric revolution is already making a lot of buzz in the automobile industry and car manufacturers are now trying to come up with new cars that have the latest technology which would help them to secure a place in the market. Car makers are exploiting different hybrid technologies rather than going for the same conventional technology because they believe that buyers are now looking for different options. Electric cars are not new but this year was a revolutionary year for car manufacturers as many buyers decided to go for next generation electric cars that not only saves their income but also saves the environment as they are eco-friendly.

Best Electric Cars

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best electric cars that were launched this year.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF has already captured a lot of market in the year 2010 as it won the European Car of the Year 2011 award. The word LEAF stands for Leading Environmentally friendly, Affordable Family car. This compact five door hatchback is certainly the best electric car that was launched in 2010. It is one of the first mass production electric cars and as per US EPA it has a range of 117 kms (73 miles). LEAF is an all electric car and therefore there is no pollution from it. Although it is an electric car Nissan LEAF has a top speed of 150 kmph.

Chevrolet Volt

Another electric car that made a lot of buzz in the auto world is Chevrolet Volt by General Motors. This is the first mass production plug in hybrid electric vehicle by General Motors and the car has already received good response from buyers as well as car critics. The car has already received 6 awards including 2011 Green Car of the Year 2011 by Green Car Journal. Chevrolet Volt works on GM’s Voltec electric automobile platform which is different from BAS Hybrid system. Volt does not require any external charging station and therefore it is very convenient for the car owners. As per the test drive results, Chevrolet Volt can travel 50 miles on batteries alone in one charge. However, some critics claim that results may depend on climatic conditions.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors, California came out with their latest offering Tesla Roadster in July 2010 and it has already received good response from the people. This battery electric vehicle works on lithium-ion battery cells and Tesla has successfully sold more than 1200 Roadsters so far. This electric car can travel up to 200 miles in one charge and that really makes this electric car so affordable. Tesla Roadster has already won the Monte Carlo Alternative Electric Rally award. As per the US EPA records, Tesla Roadster can manage to travel 244 miles in one charge and can accelerate from zero to 60 in mere 4 seconds. Tesla Roadster qualifies for several tax credit in US and Europe.

Toyota Prius

Toyota has always been innovating something new for the car buyers and this year they came up with their new Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid vehicle which is a midsize car. The official release of the car will be somewhere in 2012 but Toyota has launched several prototypes that has lithium-ion batteries made by Panasonic. Toyota Prius PHEV can travel 21 miles in one single battery charge. Toyota has so far launched 600 Prius in the market for global demonstration program and therefore it is available in limited car showrooms. Toyota Prius is eligible for tax credit in the United States and is available on loans as well.


BYD Auto is one of the fastest growing tech company in the world and it certainly makes some of the best automobiles in China. This year BYD came up with their new F3DM model which is a plug in hybrid compact sedan. The car can travel up to 60 miles in one charge and can extend up to 300 miles when gasoline engine is used. The company sold 48 F3DM models in 2008 but this year they decided to sell more and so far they have been able to sell 300 units. BYD is planning to expand its plans in US and Europe in 2011.

Fisker Karma

The year 2010 saw new automobile manufacturers coming up with the latest technology and Fisker Automotives came up with their latest offering Fisker Karma which is an plug in hybrid luxury sports sedan. So far Fisker has decided to launch only 100 sedans in the market and go for mass production in 2011. The car is available in the US market for $87,000 and can travel up to 50 miles in one single charge. It has already received North American Production Preview Vehicle of the Year award.

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