You may call it the racing giant. Well, that has to be the most suitable description that can tag along with 2013 Porsche 918. It won’t be an exaggeration saying that the automaker from Germany has been synonymous to the needs and thrills of the racing circuit. 2013 Porsche 918 is one of the startling examples of hybrid supercar. The corporate color and signature statement of Martini racing adorns Porsche 918, as well. Incidentally, Martini racing happens to be one of the leading sponsors of Porsche. Read the rest of this entry

Porsche is one of the most respectable names in the world of automobiles and they have launched their new Porsche 918 RSR at the Detroit Auto Show for the very first time. The car is a lethal combination of the engine power of 911 and the outer looks of Porsche Spyder and therefore the car has won the 2011 Autoweek Editors Choice Award for Best in Show. The car has already received a lot of recognition and appreciation for the way Porsche has designed the car to be one of the fastest cars in the range. Porsche wanted to make a comeback in a big way at the Detroit Auto Show and they have done it with Porsche 918 RSR.

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