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If you are trying to be environmentally friendly the push bike may be the option for you, here is some information about how to ride safe on a push bike.

Many cyclists find it difficult to know where best to position themselves on the road. It can be tricky to find the right place: too close to the edge and you could run in to car doors that open just in front of you, but if you are in the centre of the lane you are often faced with abuse from car drivers. Every cyclist knows that riding on pavements is illegal so where are you meant to ride? Thankfully many town councils are responding to cyclists’ dilemmas by putting in cycle paths, but these often disappear at busy junctions so it is important to know the best position to ride in.

Photo by Wootang01

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The new category introduced by Honda is quite exciting as this brings in the involvement of the 2010 Moto 2 World Championship.The Moto 2 got replaced through long-running 250 world championship updates along with engines and prototypes that come to be accompanied through its chassis.

These are highly anticipated debut season that brings Honda with sole engineering supplication for the newly released Moto 2 class.

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