Porsches are arguably some of the most desirable cars on the planet. A few people think about Corvettes but most people dream about driving and owning a Porsche. They’re fast, sleek and sexy and they are precision built the meticulous German way. No shortcuts, no cut rate parts. Every element in a Porsche automobile is well planned out and engineered to make your flying experience, oh, sorry, your driving experience the best one anyone could ever imagine.

You probably already know this but we’re going to mention it anyway because it’s pretty interesting. Ferdinand Porsche founded his company in Germany 1931 as an automotive consulting firm. They didn’t build any Porsche brand name cars at that time. However, a while later, Dr. Porsche was invited by the German government to design and build a “peoples’ car” or Volkswagen, which he did and the Beetle became one of the most popular and iconic car designs in history. He built what was considered to be the first real Porsche automobile in 1939 and called it the Porsche 64. This was the forerunner of all his Porsches to come.

Porsche became the chairman of Volkswagen but when he took a two-year hiatus from the company in 1945, his son, Ferry Porsche, built a car that would ultimately become the Porsche 356. The 356 would turn out to be the precursor to the Porsche 911, which became Porsche’s most iconic symbol and the car which truly embodies and defines the Porsche brand.

The 911 is such a beautifully designed car. It really does represent all that is good about German engineering and sense of balance, beauty and efficiency. When you sit in a 911, whether it’s from the 1960s or one that just rolled out of the factory, you will see and feel that it fits like a glove. Everything is designed for ease of driving and to make your trip as swift and accurate as possible. The engineers also thought about the expression on your face and how all the elements in the Porsche when combined in the 911 would bring about an automatic smile on your face. They were absolutely right about that. When you take a test drive at Len Stoler Porsche in Owings Mills, look in the rear view mirror after you click in your safety belt and see who’s smiling back at you. If you can’t make it this weekend in person, check out Len Stoler’s website:

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