I remember when the Lexus first came out in 1989 and I thought to myself, “Where did that beautiful car come from?” It seemed like it just magically appeared out of thin air. Well, a little research later and I found out that of course it didn’t just materialize out of the clouds but it came from the thoughtful and highly creative people at Toyota Motor Corporation.

The idea for a premium sedan began in 1983 and the ever-meticulous engineers and designers at Toyota dove in and worked tirelessly until they actually launched the Lexus LS in 1989. Since then they have added a convertible, SUV and coupé to the Lexus line and in 2005 the engineers added hybrids to the Lexus line of luxury cars.

Toyota’s initial goal with the Lexus was to manufacture the best car in the world. Toyota, of course, was already in the running if there was a worldwide competition for the world’s best car. Mercedes, BMW and a few others were certainly in the top ten but Toyotas were good looking and well designed vehicles that had something a lot of cars simply didn’t: durability. Toyotas had the reputation (and still do) for being long-lasting machines that could work hard, drive hard, and with a modicum of maintenance, it could virtually last forever. So, Toyota had that going for it when it began the world’s best car program.

As the engineers and designers were working on the physical version of the car, Toyota’s advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi were brainstorming the marketing of the premiere automobile. One of their early focuses was what name should Toyota’s best car in the world have. They went through countless names like Vectre and Alexis and many others and everyone seemed to warm up to Alexis. Back in the 1980s however, there was a very popular TV show called Dynasty, and the main character was also named Alexis.

The people involved with naming the newborn car felt that they didn’t want people to confuse the car’s name with the character’s name so they decided to adjust Alexis a bit. They removed the “A” and changed the “I” to a “u” and Lexus was baptized.

Lexus today is the premium car to have. It is not only appreciated by people who see it drive by but revered by automobile aficionados everywhere as one of the highest standards to be achieved in the industry. You can test drive these beautiful works of art at Len Stoler Lexus and you can get a feel for them by going to the website:

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