We’ve all seen the old olive green battle ready jeeps in World War Two movies. They are as fun as they look, by the way. You just hop in and go wherever you like, no matter what the terrain or weather conditions. Today’s Jeeps are just as tough and are designed for the same kind of use, with the exception that they are much more comfort oriented.

The Jeeps Wrangler is just as fun as its great grandfather of the 1940s. It is ready to rumble and equipped to handle all your off-road needs. If you like, you can easily take the doors off and show just how much like your ancestor you really are. If you close your eyes you can imagine that you are driving one of the first Jeeps through Europe as people wave small American flags and toss flowers to you. (We don’t recommend that you close your eyes unless you’re sitting in one of the passenger seats. We want you to enjoy your ride and your parade).

The Wrangler comes with a powerful V-6 that will take you mountaineering on a steep grade or to a five-star restaurant with a bow-tied valet. He won’t be laughing when you drive up and give him the keys. He’ll be giving your Wrangler the once over to see what’s in store for him when he goes down to Hoffman Chrysler jeep to buy his Jeep. If the valet is pretty busy, go ahead and give him the Hoffman Chrysler Jeep website: http://www.hoffmanchryslerjeepdodge.com. He can look at it on his break unless he’s out test-driving your Wrangler. Keep an eye on those valets.

The old Jeeps, even though there aren’t many of them left, were rugged individualists who got people out of trouble fast. They were the easiest vehicle in the military to drive and when the war ended veterans bought the up surplus Jeeps so fast it made the General Accounting Office workers heads spin. Of course, seeing how fast the Jeeps were sold to ex-servicemen made the Jeep manufacturers think. The idea they came up with was the civilian version of the Jeep, which was called the CJ, civilian Jeep. Once these hit the market, they too were snatched up like hundred dollar bills falling from the sky. The Cj, of course, evolved into the Wrangler, the Grand Cherokee and all the other models that Jeep makes.

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