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Cars are not only for the males and therefore car manufacturers have to take into account the female psychology when they are creating and developing their car models.Many car experts believe that women are more interested in driving cars than males provided they get the chance to drive it.

Hence, car designers have to think out of the box and come out with new ideas that match with the mindset of millions of women out there.Although, it is generally believed that anything pink has a female touch to it but things are really changing now as females are competing males in every aspect of life, so why not driving? Here we will take a look at the top 10 cars that women love to drive.

Honda Fit

Women are really complicated, but they need simple cars to drive and probably that is why Honda Fit wins the number one spot for the most favorite female car.Well,there is nothing in Honda Fit that showcase that it is a female car but the practical features and cheap price tag is one of the major reasons why female all over the world prefer to drive Honda Fit.Apart from that there are many safety features in Honda Fit that impresses the female drivers as they are always particular about it.

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Kia Spectra

While males are interested in going for bigger cars that make astounding impression,females love to keep their cars compact and that is why Kia Spectra is next on the list.Kia Spectra is a compact car or in other words a small family car and that is what female drivers always think about when they buy a car.Women love small cars because they are easier to drive on the road and where they don’t have to keep searching for parking spaces.

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Toyota Yaris

Among the top 3 cars that are loved by women is Toyota Yaris that has been making news since its launch in 1999.The car is a subcompact car and has many other safety features which are a benefit for women drivers who often drive with their kids.In some places,Toyota Yaris is also known as Toyota Echo.Toyota Yaris has an economical price range and that could be one more reason why female drivers across the globe adore it.After all what women want is something small and handy and that does not cost them a lot of money.

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Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa also known as Nissan Tiida in Japan is one of the top rated compact car.The car was introduced in the American market somewhere in 2007 and since then it has been one of the favorite cars by female drivers. The reason behind it could be it looks very much like Honda Fit but comes at a lower price.On the other hand,it has a great transmission and is rated as the only entry-level car in North America that has a six speed manual.

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If you were of the opinion that women have no interest in sports cars then you were wrong because BMW Z4 takes the fifth spot on the list.In one of the surveys by BMW it was found that 60% of the women drivers prefer to drive BMW Z4 because they love handling sports cars.The car is a sleek sports car with two seats in it and can be rated as the top luxury car for women.The softer curves of the car has more feminine appealing and therefore women who love speed and who have passion for driving love to be in this car.

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Honda Pilot

Practicality is something that women want from their cars and that is why many women across the globe prefer Honda Pilot.This mid size crossover SUV is certainly making news across North America since its release.The Honda Pilot is designed for American family and therefore it has all the features that a female would want for her family.Undoubtedly,Honda Pilot is among the best SUVs in the American market.The model is a commercial success in American market because it is ideal transportation for small children and adults.

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Mazda CX-7

Another SUV that was first invented in Japan have made it as the best SUV for women.The Mazda CX-7 is certainly among the favorite cars for female drivers because it simplifies driving.The 6 speed automatic transmission and turbocharged engine makes it easier for female drivers to handle and maneuver it on the road even during heavy traffic.It is also considered as fuel efficient SUV and therefore women who always keep a close watch on their budget go for such SUVs where they can take their entire family for a ride keeping the budget intact.

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Chrysler Pacifica

Recently one of the San Diego research firm confirmed that 40% of the women want their cars to be comfortable no matter if they have to pay extra for it.This sounds really true to some extent as Chrysler Pacifica enters the list as one of the best mid-size crossover SUV that pays more attention to the comfort.Pacifica has always been considered as a SUV for tourers and therefore Chrysler has paid special attention for the comfort of the passengers.The car has already won a safety award in 2006 getting the Best Pick Frontal.It has also won the best crash testing ratings in the North American market.

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Audi A3

Family cars are something that women look out for when she thinks of buying a car because she is always family-oriented.Hence,Audi A3 makes it on the list as one of the brands prefer by female drivers.The Audi A3 is available in different models and therefore it provides flexibility to the women drivers. The car is available in 3 door model and 5 door model.The latest Audi A3 TDI model has also received the Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal.

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Volvo S40

Women love to dominate and they certainly love to dominate the roads.So, how do they do it?A car like Volvo S40 is the answer because it is a compact executive car that speaks about attitude and status.It has a really good transmission system and it was the first car to get four star ratings at Euro-NCAP.The overall looks of the car is the main reason why women love Volvo S40 more than anything else.The newer models of S40 have lower CO2 emissions and it comes with better safety features like emergency brake lights and Active Bi-Xenon lights.The side mirrors have a camera that alerts the driver of a car passing by which is very feminine in nature.

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