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Nowadays, the fuel rates are rising day by day. That is why we need fuel efficient cars to survive in the market, to keep pace with the rising fuel costs. There are many top fuel efficient cars available in the market, which can help you save your money. The main thing is that when you look for fuel efficient cars, you shouldn’t compromise on the safety and comfort of the car to look for fuel efficiency. That is why we’ve made a list of the top fuel efficient cars for you – which are not only the best of all the fuel savers, but also have great engineering, motoring, and driving capability. After all, it’s the whole package that counts, right?

Audi A4

First on our list comes the Audi A4. The EPA estimates for this are 23 MPH city / 30 MPG highway / 26 MPG combined. This particular car has an amazing four-cylinder engine that has a turbochargers and a direct fuel injection, this is incidentally the same formula that Ford uses for its EcoBoost engines. The engine of the Audio is a bit like V-6, 258 lb-ft of torque, so the acceleration is like a V6. The A4 isn’t just a fuel efficient car, it speaks of good looks, the demeanor and exteriors of the car are classy, the car is also available as a station wagon, and the fuel economy figures are there for all to see. All in all, rather a good choice if you’re looking around in the market to save on fuel costs!

Image by New Cars

BMW 335d

Next comes the BMW 335d. the EPA estimates for this one are 23 MPG city / 36 MPG highway / 27 MPG combined. The 335d is diesel-powered, and its proof that there’s much more to diesel than just fuel economy – power too, comes into the equation. There’s torque, which pushes the seat into your back and makes you smile, while driving. The engine of the 335d has 425 lb-ft of torque, and the acceleration of the car is pretty great. This is definitely one of the most brilliant diesel cars sold in the market, if you drive a little faster than usual, you could easily cross the 36 MPG highway figure. When it comes to this car, you need to know that real-world fuel economy is way better than EPA estimates any day.

Image by planetc1

Honda Civic GX

A list of fuel efficient cars is incomplete without a Honda, so we have the Honda Civic GX. EPA estimates – 24 MPG city / 36 MPG highway / 28 MPG combined. This car doesn’t use gasoline at all, it instead runs on compressed natural gases, which offers many significant advantages because CNG is cheap and easily available, and it’s also much safer than gasoline. The burning is done cleaning, and there is no heavy hybrid system needed, or even any complicated emissions equipment. So if you want to make a real difference to the environment and to the fuel crisis in the world, and then go for the Honda Civic GX – this is possibly your best choice.

Image by Miller Honda1

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Next up, comes the Ford Fusion Hybrid. For this, the EPA fuel economy estimates go as follows – 41 MPG city / 36 MPG highway / 39 MPG combined. This is definitely one of the best hybrid cars in the market, it blends the characteristics of a high-mileage hybrid along with those of a mid-size sedan, and the result is that the Ford Fusion Hybrid feels better and much roomier to drive. The fuel economy is really great, not just in terms of EPA numbers but also in terms of real-world test driving. You’re bound to love the user-configurable computerized dash and the great SYNC system, which add to the technological appeal of the Fusion Hybrid.

Image by Wisconsin Ford Dealers

Honda Fit

Fifth, we have the Honda Fit – EPA estimates – 28 MPG city / 35 MPG highway / 31 MPG combined. This is a very versatile small car, and the EPA estimates put the fuel economy to around 30 MPG, but you should have no problem going from mid-to-high-30 in your own Fit! This car is perfect for long drives, for short drives, for drives to the office, for nights out – it’s a perfect little car!

Image by Atamian Honda

Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent comes next – EPA estimates – 27 MPG city / 36 MPG highway / 31 MPG combined. This particular car is small, eager and responsive to drive, and the great gas mileage is just the cream of the cake! One of the best choices you could make if you’re looking for the top fuel efficient cars.

Image by hyundaiaccentcar

Honda Insight

Then comes the Honda Insight. EPA estimates – 40 MPG city / 43 MPG highway / 41 MPG combined. This was incidentally the first hybrid car to teach people how to drive more economically. This is the cheapest hybrid car sold in America, it may not be as big or as fuel-efficient as the Toyota Prius, but it’s still response and quite entertaining to drive. It’s a nice car to live with; the video-game display gives you real-time feedback.

Image by Miller Honda

MINI Cooper

Next up comes the MINI Cooper. EPA estimates – 28 MPG city / 37 MPG highway / 32 MPG (manual), 25/33/28 (automatic). This has manual transmission and a 118 hp non-turbocharged engine – incidentally this car has got great reviews for its fantastic fuel economy.

Image by Lino M

Volkswagen GTI

Ninth on our list comes the Volkswagen GTI – EPA estimates – 24 MG city / 32 MPG highway / 27 MPG combined. The fuel economy for this car is wonderful – it’s 2 MPG less than a Honda Civic which is really an added bonus! This particular model uses a four-cylinder engine with a direct fuel injection and turbocharger. The 200 horsepower GTI gets really great fuel economy, this car is great proof that good cars don’t need to drink up gas in indiscriminate amounts.

Image by Tecno-Mania

Volkswagen Jetta

Last comes the Volkswagen Jetta – EPA estimates – 30 MPG city / 42 MPG highway / 34 MPG combined. If you are judicious with the acceleration of this car, you can get some really great MPG numbers. It’s a good looking and practical car, easy to drive, and quite fuel-efficient!

Image by Volkswagenauto

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