Toyota is noted as a major cars manufacturer in the world. Itestablished its operations in North America since 1957. For today, there are 14 manufacturing plants that operates in North America.
Toyota Tacoma is continuing to gain its best selling for compact pick up truck in America. By offering the combination of menacing and sporty look, Toyota Tacoma began to produce the pickup truck on May 2010, however, thee ceremony held one month later at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc.

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(TMMTX). The production of Toyota Tacoma was moved to TMMTX due to the effort of the manufacturer to make possible the consolidation of the pick up truck production in the United States under one roof. Besides, the manufacturer also considered about the San Antonio plant that has shown a great deal of toughness to cope with the recession.

The production movement to Texas brought its own benefits during the economical hardship on the state. In the era of financial crisis like those days, TMMTX had successfully recruit 1,000 employee. Only took less than two months, TMMTX had already added over than 1,000 more employee. This is very astonishing record. Just like any other companies in the States, for the period of economic downturn, TMMTX was also impacted by the poor sales. On the other hand, TMMTX kept its hold of its labor force rather than lay off. This was one of TMMTX effort to strengthen the team members’ skill and to develop the plant process.

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