Chrysler has been building cars for almost one hundred years and apparently they are masters at producing exquisite automobiles. The Chrysler name is well known as a luxury vehicle manufacturer but they also make other types of cars under different brand names. Dodge for example was purchased by Walter Chrysler in the mid 1920s because the Dodge Brothers, who started that company and developed it into a major player in the car industry died suddenly in the great influenza epidemic in 1920. Chrysler upgraded all the Dodge models and positioned them in a very unique place in the American auto marketing system.

Dogdge now is famous for their Ram trucks, Chargers and Challengers and among other vehicles, the Dodge viper, which is one incredible American sports car. In fact, it was voted on to the top ten of the “Most American Cars” list because over 75% of its parts are made in the United States. Apparently, most automobile manufacturers bring in a high percentage of parts from outside the country. Who knew?

The two-seat Dodge Viper first appeared at the North American Auto Show in 1989 after the Chrysler president at the time, Bob Lutz mentioned to his design crew that Chrysler needed a Cobra-like sports car in their lineup. It took less than a year for Chrysler’s design team to make a clay mockup and then build a sheet metal concept car that wowed the public at the car show. That wowing really worked because in 1990 the engineering put the Viper into production mode and created a prototype from which the production cars would be made. In early 1992, (those guys worked fast!) the first Viper shipments were delivered to dealers across the country.

Some interesting facts about this true American muscle car:

  • The Viper has been clocked at 200 mph.
  • All aluminum motor produces 645 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Electronic multistage stability control
  • Traction control
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Four-channel anti-lock brake system
  • The Viper ACR holds more track records than any other production car in the world

Of course, all you have to do is look at this mega muscle car to see that it is built for speed. Come down to Len Stoller Chrysler in Westminster, MD and see for yourself. Or, if you want to take a look before you walk into the showroom, here’s Len Stoler’s website: http://www.lenstolerdodgechryslerjeep.com/

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