Indian auto market is flooding up with top of the line sports utility vehicles that can perform well in tough Indian conditions and terrain and Renault has been trying to work out on how they can bring out better vehicles that can compete with some of the top SUVs in the market. Recently, Renault decided to bring out Renault Duster that was received well by many auto buyers in the Indian market. The all new vehicle is competing with some of the top SUVs and have done well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features that have made Renault Duster one of the best SUVs in the Indian market.


On the outside, Renault has made sure that the vehicle looks muscular and sporty and appealing as well. The car looks bigger mainly because of its flared wheel arches, roof rails and bigger tires that can take on any road condition. The Renault Duster in India has some minor changes compared to the international design because the company wants the car to look bit luxurious at the same time rather than giving it a rough appearance.

The front end of the car is simple and finished with big grille with Renault logo right in the front. The front headlamps are nicely designed and fitted on both sides of the grille to make it more appealing. On the rear side, Duster looks like a normal SUV so nothing much is done to make it more appealing.


Renault understands that Indian buyers like more space and therefore the interiors are well done and spacious as well. Although, there is not much styling done on the interiors but the spacious interiors allow passengers some breathing space. With clutter-free dashboard and four speaker music system Renault Duster is among the best SUV in the market. It also introduces keyless entry, ABS with Brake Assist and EBD and dual front airbags.

Duster also offers the best leg room space and headspace to the passengers making them feel comfortable inside and offering 475 liters of boot space in the rear for extra luggage.


Renault Duster is available in two diesel version and one petrol version. The diesel version is purely for those who are more into performance than looks. The diesel version Duster is available in 1.5 liter K9K engine but one version offers 84bhp and the other 109bhp which is the top end version. The petrol version of Renault Duster offers 1.6 liter that generates 102bhp of power.

The diesel version of Renault Duster is the best one as it can offer better fuel ratings. The diesel versions can offer 20 kmpl and 19 kmpl fuel ratings while the petrol version can only offer 13.24 kmpl which is not among the best fuel ratings for SUV in the Indian market.

The acceleration of Renault Duster is the biggest plus factor for Indian car buyers because it has one of the best pickups in the market.

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